Black Wall Street: An American Nightmare

Director: Dennis Y. Delemar
Starring: Tyler Shaw & Tony Key

It's 1905, when the exhausted O.W. Gurley, future founder of Black Wall Street, takes a nap and is suddenly transported 115 years into the future to the year 2020.

  • 2020
  • 40 min
  • Historical Dram

Land of Wonder

Director: Dennis Y. Delemar
Starring: Danielle Sells

Land of Wonder, a Visual Testimony about a young woman's battle against self-will, and the struggle to surrender her will to Yahusha.

  • 2020
  • 20 min
  • Drama, Adventure

Beautiful Lust

Director: Dennis Y. Delemar
Starring: Dennis Y. Delemar

Beautiful Lust is a visual testimony of how the Alahym of Abraham, Yashaq, and Yashra'al delivered Dennis Delemar from the house of bondage, the house of slavery. That is sin and death.

  • 2020
  • 56 min
  • DocuDrama

The Awakening

Director: Dennis Y. Delemar
Starring: Kericho Curry, Nia Miranda & More...

Like a wildfire, people wake up to the fact that they've been lied to their whole lives. The Awakening is the new revolution.

  • 2019
  • 7 Episodes
  • Drama, Crime, Suspense
Movie of the Month

Land of Wonder

Director: Dennis Y. Delemar
Starring: Danielle Sells


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