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Fun Fact:

This was the first film Dennis Delemar are Greg Watts ever did together.

The Counterintelligent

Director: Dennis Delemar
Imdb:   N/A

After returning from serving a client in Dubai, corporate espionage extraordinaire Zephan Q. Russell seems to single-handedly brought down one of the world’s largest tech firms. But Zephan suddenly finds himself in a deadly vortex in which he has to make a decision that could rewrite the past, and shape human history forever. Coming face to face with his ultimatum, Zephan finds out, his story is a lie.

  • 2016
  • 28 min
  • Detective

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Dennis Delemar (Zephan Q. Russell), Keith Daniels (Jarvis), Hunter Coplin (Michael Van Roth)

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