November 23, 2020

Black Wall Street

Fun Fact: Is Currently in development. Black Wall StreetDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A As the nation is ignited in extreme racism, Negros from across the country seek prosperity in the Promised Land, Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2022 N/A Drama Movie Page:
Zayan Studios
November 23, 2020

The Sacrifice

Fun Fact: After doing much research, Yatzhaq (Isaac), would have been about 30 years old when his father went to sacrifice him. The SacrificeDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A Abraham is tested by YAHUAH to not only kill his precious son, Yatzhaq, but he must also burn Yatzhaq body in a burnt offering. There is only one problem, the whole world can't be blessed through Yatzhaq if he's dead. 2021 N/A Adventures Official Trailer: Cast: Dennis Delemar (Abraham) Movie Page:
Set-Apart Ones
November 23, 2020

Set-Apart Ones: Season 1

Fun fact: Currently Filming Set-Apart Ones: Season 1Director: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A Set Apart Ones | Origins of Alaph releases December 4. Set-Apart Ones is a league of children, gifted with superpowers from the Hebrew (Abry) language, whose villains are everyday struggles, people, and supernatural forces. 2021 20 Adventures STREAM NOWCast: Faith Hope Isom (Mother), Ezra (JJ)
Black Wall Street: An American Nightmare
November 23, 2020

Black Wall Street: An American Nightmare

Fun Fact: The opening scene caused so much controversy that the police tried to shut the scene down. Black Wall Street: An American NightmareDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A It's 1905, when the exhausted O.W. Gurley, future founder of Black Wall Street, takes a nap and is suddenly transported 115 years into the future to the year 2020. In this nightmare, Gurley sees the struggle his community is facing, and maybe, just maybe, he can change the future from the past. 2021 40 min Drama This film has NOT been rated by the MPAA. The film contains explicit language and scenes with violence which some viewers may find disturbing. Official Trailer: Watch NowCast: Tyler Shaw (O.W. Gurley), Tony Key (Mysterious Man) Movie Page:
Zayan Studios
May 31, 2020

Land of Wonder

Fun Fact: Yahusha inspired lead actress, Danielle Sells, to write the script after she sought Him to understand her life more. Land of WonderDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A Land of Wonder, a Visual Testimony about a young woman's battle against self-will, and the struggle to surrender her will to Yahusha. 2020 20 min Adventures Official Trailer: WATCH NOWCast: Danielle Sells (Danielle) Movie Page:
Zayan Studios
September 11, 2019

The Awakening: So It’s Not Sunday

Fun fact: It rained on and off through the entire shoot, allowing improv to really flourish. The Awakening: So It’s Not SundayDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A Stephanie, a full-time nurse, is up against the wall. On the verge of losing her job, she must learn the hard way that all things work together for the good. 2019 12 min Drama Watch Episode 4: Cast: Faith Hope Isom (Stephanie) Movie Page:
Zayan Studios
August 31, 2019

The Awakening: Keep Your Gifts

Fun Fact: This episode was filmed all in one day. The Awakening: Keep Your GiftsDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A Hazakyah's world comes crashing down when his beliefs are challenged. 2019 10 min Drama Watch Episode 3: Cast: Clifton Williams (Hazakyah), Kimberly Roberson (Atarah), LaVell Thompson Jr. (Yardan), Ryleigh Leggett (Shanice), Mia Denae' Brathwaite (Aliyah) Movie Page:
Zayan Studios
August 25, 2019

The Awakening: They Look Like Me

Fun Fact: This episode was filmed in the historic Leimert Park and features real businesses. The Awakening: They Look Like MeDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A With a chance to relax on his day off, Malik's world spins when he learns about an ancient secret that will change his life. 2019 7 min Drama Watch Episode 2: Cast: Elarie Batts (Taxi Driver), Raven Davis (Wife), Dennis Delemar (Alazar) Cast:
Zayan Studios
August 17, 2019

The Awakening: Curse Reverse

Fun Fact: The opening scene at the hospital was improv. The Awakening: Curse ReverseDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   N/A The genetic curse won't take Chay down so easily. 2019 19 min Drama Watch Episode 1: Cast: Kericho Corry (Chay), Nia Miranda (Friend), Raymond Watanga (Friend #2), Blanca Contreras (Nurse) Cast:
Dennis Delemar Jerichos Rose
March 30, 2017

Jericho’s Rose

Fun Fact: Jericho's Rose was filmed in Tulsa Oklahoma. Jericho’s RoseDirector: Dennis DelemarImdb:   10 Coming home early from work one evening, Businessman, Jericho Baker catches his wife cheating. In a split-second decision, Jericho makes a choice that might haunt him for the rest of his life. Quickly reduced to a schizophrenic homeless man, Jericho is truly trapped by yesterday. 2017 13 min Drama Watch Full Movie: Cast: Dennis Delemar (Jericho), Deneisha Harris (Mother), Rebecca Jimerson (Laura Baker) Movie Page:
Undeserving Grace Dennis Delemar
March 11, 2013

Undeserving Grace

Fun Fact: This film was originally written by Dennis Y. Delemar as a thesis project for New York Film Academy. When he couldn't attend, he was lead to produce while he was working at Walgreens in 2011. Undeserving GraceDirector: Dennis Y. DelemarImdb:   6.9 She dreams a dream that in reality is her present nightmare. Tamia Lane has lived in this domestic violent relationship for years, yet there seems to be no escape but death. 2011 17 min Drama Official Trailer: Watch Full Movie - Coming Soon: Cast: Yasmine Mejia (Tamia Lane, Aaron Jackson (Reggie Lane), Gloria Maggie (Mother), Briea Bishop (Nurse), Dennis Delemar (Doctor) Movie Page: Gallery: